Sunday, January 20, 2008

To Semidesimasala

Things Jesus doesn't want you for

1. A red button
2. That extra spoon that doesn't go with anything
3. A jumbuck

I know the Devi's footsteps by the tinkle of her bells

In our temple
The godess hands out prasadam
From tiny golden hands
Laden with butter
Adorned with bangles


Oh baghwan in your red overall shorts
You are feeding me an apple
I cannot believe I am your mother
Looking into your laughing mouth
I see the apple of the world

Poetry Re-Post


Hi everyone. Thank you for being patient. I tried to submit some poems for publication so i removed them from this site to avoid the double publication pitfall, but they were rejected anyway so here are some of them again.

A Thousand Ivory Elephants

A thousand Ivory Elephants
Pour out of the egg you broke.
The golden fragrant sandalwood
Contained their might, and tiny magnificence.

How did they all fit,
The thousand ivory elephants?
They must have been so heavy.

What hand carved them with love
And a bloodied knife?

Did they crush his heart,
The thousand ivory elephants?

copyright 1997 Sonya Kumar

A Collection of Absurdities


Do not eat the rice
That has been sitting in the back of the refrigerator
And conversing with the jello
For several weeks.


All the world of man
Is of little consequence
To one hungry elephant.

copyright 2000 Sonya Kumar