Friday, April 6, 2012

Beginning of the world

Work from the series "Beginning of the World"

White Horse Beginning of the World  - 2nd in the series, oil on linen.  song : "Why Should I Cry For You" by Sting on The Soul Cages

For some reason I can't seem to get this one to straighten out.  It is called Emergence of the Two and is almost finished.  Song: "Reina Del Dolor" by Mana on Drama Y Luz

I'll post it again when I get a different picture.

These paintings are inspired by the novel Ka by Roberto Calasso. It is a reinterpretation of the Rg Veda as a fictional story. It is pretty true to history although it has been fictionalized, and the imagery is exquisite. The first picture, Sun. Red. Sky. is in a private collection.

The New Work

Here is the newest work, in the new series Dreamwater about our oceans. All oil on canvas with glitter.

Que nos pudiera  - vaquitas are the most endangered cetacean on earth. Rarely seen alive, there are no photographs of living specimens. Extremely specialized, they only live in one part of the Sea of Cortez (aka the Gulf of California.) Music: Songs from "You are my Little Bird" by Elizabeth Mitchell, and "Ojala Pudiera Borrarte" by Mana on Amar es Combatir

In progress, called One Sunny Afternoon - vaquitas, flying fish, and gulls or storm petrels

Pez Volando (?)  - Oil on canvas with glitter. Flying fish. I actually saw these. They just pop out of the water. Just like that. Really.  Song: "Amor Clandestino" by Mana on Drama Y Luz
 More coming soon...