Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Entire Feather series so far

Break Out  (Oil on Linen, 30x40 (?) Song "Angel Dream (No.2)" by Tom Petty)

Rainbow Dive (Oil on Canvas [size tbd] Song "When You're Falling" by Peter Gabriel)

 Forging the Infinite (Oil on Linen [size tbd] Song "Fields of Gold" by Sting)

Joy Ride (Oil on Canvas [size tbd] Song "Book of Days" by Enya)

 Swift Artemis (Oil on Canvas [size tbd] Song "Ya Raya Bipolar Remix" by Dahme Al Harrachi)

Spiral. Updraft (Oil on Canvas [size tbd] Song "Umbrella Beach" and "Hello Seattle" by Owl City)

1 comment:

Sunitha said...

Wow ... These are the most amazing painitings I have ever seen... I admire you soooo much sis..I loved the falling one...Just if art could be a poem that was it.. spell bound..