Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lastest Works in the Feather series

Here are two of the latest images from the series Feather. The number of birds in the work are related to the Fibonacci sequence.  Many of the images have trails behind moving birds which is related to a poem I wrote about the impermanence of time and movement. I will post the earlier pieces at a later date, and possibly the poem if I can find it. So far there are 6 paintings completed: 1,1,2,3,5,8

Fibonacci number: 5
Series number: 5
Title: Swift Artemis
Writing on work: "Oh Swift Artemis / Seek out your silver sided prey / I pray that you slip by unnoticed / Unseen by the Leopard" .
Music: Ya Rayah - bipolar remix by Dahmane el Harrachi from the Album  Arabesque compiled by Momo.

Fibonacci number: 8
Series number: 6
Working title: Spiral. Updraft.
Music: Umbrella Beach , Hello Seattle by Owl City on the album Ocean Eyes   

Thanks for taking a look. After I get all of Feather up I will start posting from my other 3 series (Felid, Dreamwater, and Beginning of the World)

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