Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Some more work

Here is a work that is unrelated to the actual series or collections at this time. It is painted in Sennelier pastels and is my second full size pastel painting.  It still is heavily influenced by the repetitive playing of it's song and does still have birds in it, but has a much more diverse pallette as I did not limit to a single colour scheme as I have been doing in other artworks.

Untitled (Pastel on Fabriano cold pressed full sheet, framed  Song: Arrancame El Corazon by Mana)

completed 2008

Some pictures for the Felid collection. So far this is only defined by the works having cats in them. The Felinae works are smaller cats and the Pantheras are the big cats plus cheetahs. The newest one is this top one of the calico cat that fades into the background. It is related to an idea I had a long time ago regarding cats and their quietness and ability to sneak and hide.

Here are some of the big cats. Big yawn is from 2000. People like that one a lot. The other two are from the same time. The cheetah with the "king" coat mutation (middle work) is the beginning of the path away from traditional wildife art to a more expressive conceptual idea. These works are much different from the works that I am doing now which tend to move more in the direction of the one above.

I have also started work on another collection based on extremely old stories from Hindu mythology which deal with the sacredness of the black antelope (Indian Blackbuck) and the horse. So far these works tend to be dominated by reds, yellows, and oranges with some blue and purple as the complimentary contrast. There is one new work and one that is in a private collection. Images coming soon.

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Sunitha said...

The peacocks look grand and royal.. and the yawn-priceless..